LMDG Services

Since 2004, Light Masters Diamond Group, LLC., a firm with background in retail sales and comprehensive knowledge of jeweler’s challenges and goals; has been providing solutions for confronting common industry challenges while expanding our knowledge base of the competitive diamond market.

Our professional and knowledgeable staff is always available via email or phone to guide you to the best product and service for your retail store and customer.

Our understanding of the market will help you drive your consumer sales, while staying one step ahead of the market.

Our unique line of diamond products speak for themselves; they provide each consumer with open in-depth knowledge and insight into its measurable performance characteristics, meanwhile providing retailers with many unique selling propositions to increase sales. It is a true turnkey solution for all your in-store diamond product needs.

We also will provide direct benefits to your financial and operational performance through proactive sales management programs. This includes operation consultations, product reviews and placement, customized retail sales programs, and comprehensive sales training.

If you are ready experience how LMDG can take your retail store to the next level then, download the retailer application below and arrange a conference call with one of our business development consultants.