Solasfera Diamond Program

Each Solasfera diamond program is customized to your retail store. We provide a first class analysis of your retail sales environment and customer base to help you determine what product mix works best to promote product turn and increased revenue. In addition, we will also help grow your company and attract new target markets.

Program Benefits

  • No risk trial period for all products and program features.
  • Free overnight shipping through out the continental U.S.
  • 100% stock balancing though out the year in every season.
  • The prestige of carrying the best diamond product on the market today.
  • Increase sales volume, attract new customers, retain old customers, and regain higher profit margins.
  • Attracts a diverse group of modest to luxury customers all seeking diamonds of exceptional beauty.
  • The ability to consistently provide diamonds of the highest cut quality standard with the best craftsmanship.
  • To benefit from the dramatic referral dynamics of satisfied owners.
  • To benefit from repeat business generated by Solasfera customers seeking additional jewelry purchases.
  • Increased brand development for your store and product line.
  • Professional sales consultation program with demonstration training.
  • Easy pay sales incentive programs.
  • Short and long term memo on all products.
  • High volume retailer rebate program.
  • Co-op marketing program in association with national marketing campaigns.
  • Competitive pricing on all available and custom order products.
  • Sales/Marketing materials and product displays.