Solasfera Diamond

What can the Ultimate diamond do for your business?

The Solasfera brand represents natural diamonds of unrivaled beauty and performance. Seeing is believing but in addition to the visual difference of Solasfera’s beauty, this unique product comes with all the proof and tests to back it up. Any company can claim that they have the best diamond product but only the Solasfera diamond can prove it. Solasfera diamonds come with robust empirical proof of achieving the highest optical and light performance standard in the industry.
To attain the greatest beauty one must excel not in one but in all four of Solasfera’s components:

1. Ideal Proportions and Topography with no light leakage: A diamond cannot be the most brilliant if it leaks light from its facets. No light leakage shown here under the stringent test of the Light Path Scope™.

Solasfera No Light Leakage

2. Highest Light Performance: Using Gemex imaging spectrophotometry technology to directly measure the light content generated by a diamond. The Solasfera diamond has the highest performance “off the charts” rating possible recorded by Gemex Brilliancescope. Highest results possible in Brilliance (white light), Fire (color light), and Scintillation (sparkle).

Solasfera Gemex Comparison

3. 10 Hearts and Arrows Advanced Optical Symmetry: The beautiful reflective symmetry pattern of Solasfera reveals the secrets of its perfect Light Flow Architecture. The facet alignment is far more advanced and efficient than any branded Hearts & Arrows diamond.

Solasfera Hearts and Arrows

4. Exceptional Light Flow Architecture: Solasfera was designed with cutting edge knowledge of artistic rendering of returned light patterns, distribution of colors, harmonization of sparkles, and contrast brilliance.

Light Flow Architecture


Thousands of loose diamonds from 0.03 to 6.00+ carats from D–J color, FL–I1 clarity. All our diamonds 0.50 carats and above are GIA certified. Our proprietary cutting procedure guarantees the same consistent cut quality in every diamond. Each diamond passes a strict quality control test to ensure that it is the highest performing diamond product on the market today. Thus we meet each and everyone’s expectations every time.

The Light Masters Diamond Group, is committed not only to providing the best product but also the best service and knowledge to all of our customers.