Solasfera Jewelry

The Solasfera jewelry collection is a mixture of two components – Lifestyle and Beauty.

Lifestyle encompasses all of the moments when Solasfera diamonds are the ultimate complimentary piece and all the moments when Solasfera diamonds are the center piece. These moments vary from day to night, from informal to formal, from active to calming and each one is just an important as the next. The endless variety of lifestyles today makes each individual personals jewelry collection that more exquisite and important.

The Solasfera classic collection focuses on exquisite craftsmanship and design to accentuate those everyday moments, while having the ability to switch over to an elegant complimentary piece for show. If something more is needed then the other Solasfera collections focus on more specific moods and atmospheres. No matter what your desires or focus is there is always a perfect Solasfera jewelry piece ready for you to wear to every occasion.

Beauty is what brings out the brilliance in your look. Each and every Solasfera diamond is cut to perfection and passes with the highest light performance measurements to this day. Solasfera jewelry pieces are designed not only for the overall esthetic appeal of the piece but mainly around the diamond. Each piece was thoroughly designed to display the beauty of the diamond without and distractions. Therefore, each piece shines the beauty of the diamond first in its custom elegant design. Why have such beautiful diamonds if the beauty is not seen first. The Solasfera diamonds always shine first with beauty.